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Legendary labels and award-winning releases

BYG was conceived as a label. The operation’s first principals were Jean-Luc Young, Jean Georgakarakos and Fernand Boruso. The trio wanted to create a label focused on jazz, psychedeledic, rock and other progressive music.

For the BYG acronym, they combined their three initials of their last names. They chose as logo the small Buddha which Mr Boruso kept on his desk as a talisman.

Click here for the BYG website.

Immediate Records was a British record label, started in 1965 by The Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham and Tony Calder and concentrating on the London-based blues and R&B scene.

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Club Soul charts the inception, development and eventual commercialism of the world’s most enduring underground music movement; Northern Soul.
Born in the post-war city club scene, alive with the hot new sound of American Rhythm & Blues, Northern Soul would evolve into its own unique style capturing the imagination of the Nation’s youth.

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Charly is home to numerous legendary labels, such as SUN Records, Celluloid, Charly Records, as well as digital imprints such as Charly Films and licensing house

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